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Minas Gerais cuisine is the most diverse and tasty you will find in Brazil.


Some of our buffet presented here.

Chicken with Okra and Angu

Chicken, okra and angu essential to the dish, okra is a heritage of African cuisine, but the recipe also had indigenous and Portuguese influence. It has been a tradition in Minas Gerais since the 19th century and soon migrated to family tables.  rich, as happened with more Brazilian foods. Angu, another delicacy of African origin, completes the meal.


Tropeiro beans

It originated in colonial times and was widely consumed by drovers, travelers or troops transporting goods. Due to the long distances they traveled, the mixture of beans, flour, meat and eggs was a practical and nutritious food.


Bean Tutu

Cooked beans, sautéed and thickened with manioc flour. In Minas Gerais, it is customary to use red beans or black beans, mashed into a puree before receiving the manioc flour. It accompanies rice, cabbage, crackling and fried pork.


Chicken with pray for nobis

The word "ora pro nubis" comes from Latin, and means in Portuguese "Pray for us"

It is a striking ingredient of Minas Gerais cuisine, and the most common dish to be eaten in the state with vegetables is Chicken with Ora pro nobis. 

Canjiquinha with pork ribs

THE  canjiquinha, also known as corn grits, is a typical Brazilian delicacy from the state of Minas Gerais that consists of coarsely ground corn until it crumbles (to the point of not passing through a sieve) being cooked with pork and other homemade seasonings.

Angu Pastel

Very Minas Gerais recipe, this cornmeal pastel can be stuffed with several flavors, it is absolutely crispy and dry! Originating in the 19th century, in the countryside of Itabirito.


Guava paste

Typical Minas dessert that replaced the typical marmalade of Portugal in colonial times. Usually consumed with Minas cheese, it can be called Romeo and Juliet.  

Milk cream

Dulce de leche is a candy made from milk that is boiled and forms a delicious paste with an indescribable flavor that generates millions of different sensations in candy lovers.


THE  banana   it was the main dessert during the early colonial period.  Bananada  is a candy made basically with pulp of  banana  , totally natural.

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